About Us

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As a Cancer Survivor, I under went Chemotherapy treatments and utilized available Reiki sessions the day after. As they helped me by lessoning side effects. Wanting to help others, I pursued Reiki training. Reaching the level of Reiki Master and Animal Reiki Master. allowing me to help animals as well as people!

Over the past couple of years, walking with my cattle dog to regain my energy and strength through elevation and mileage climbs. During these walks I started looking for gems and minerals, which was something I always wanted to do!

Rock hounding (looking for gem stones and minerals) relaxed me, and provided additional exercise. As some of the minerals found proved to help with calming and helped me to stay positive. A lot of the stones found are very tiny, and I wondered just what could I do with them. Utilizing knowledge of crystal properties, love of making jewelry and a way to use gems and minerals found, " Touched by Reiki" was started.

Jewelry designs are unique, as no one piece is alike. Each piece created with stones are blessed with Reiki for the highest intention for the owner. Some of my designs have minerals that I have collected here in Maine while others have minerals purchased.

The minerals that are so small are used in the creation of Orgone. My Orgone energy pendants are carefully and lovingly created and imbued with Reiki for highest intention for the person that wears it or carrier. When advising people how to pick a pendant or a crystal, I always tell them to follow their intuition – the one that jumps out to you is usually the right one!